Water Stewardship Standard Review & Revision 2017

AWS Standards Review & Revision

AWS is embarking on a review and subsequent revision of our Standard and Systems that support it’s implementation.

The review asks you, the users of the standard, to share your experiences and to tell us what works well and what needs to improve.

This is the first review of the Standard since it’s launch in April 2014.

We will review and revise the standard over the next couple of years, in accordance with our AWS Standards Development Procedure.

Review and Revision Process

The timeline and tasks for the Standards Review and Revision process are outlined below.

The process will be managed by the AWS Technical Committee.

We need your comments and recommendations throughout the process, such as during the current review and subsequent consultation periods, along with international webinars and regional workshops along the way.

At the AWS Forum & AGM in November this year, Members will be briefed on progress and attend workshops and vote in the final version of the revised standard at the AGM in 2018.


Key Items

Review Process

•Review key stakeholder lists: international & regional.

•Devise online consultation.

•30 day consultation, including webinars.

•Analyze feedback, identify major topics and method to address them.

•Agree revision topics with TC.

•Establish any additional expertise requirements.


•TC meeting to commence work at each stage

•Shared Draft for editing by TC.

•Monthly virtual meetings to check in on progress and agree each step.

•Two rounds of public consultation of 60 days after each draft.

•Present international webinars plus online consultation tools.

•Regional workshops with TC members in attendance.

Member Approval

•TC formulate recommendation to Membership for approval, presentation at AGM.

Transition to revised Standard

•Webinars and training for CABs, Trainers and Consultants.

•Tools and materials for Certificate Holders and other implementers.

Complete the Review Survey

As a lead in to the revision of the AWS Standard, the AWS Technical Committee is conducting a review of the current AWS Standard.

The Survey opens on 22nd March, World Water Day, and closes on 22nd April, Earth Day.

Comments are welcome at any time to suggest areas of the standard that need revision to improve the implementation of the standard.

The Technical Committee will analyse the feedback from the review to plan the revision of the standard.

The revision process is set to be completed by November 2018, for the AWS Membership to consider and approve the revised AWS Standard at the AGM.

There will be other opportunities to contribute to the revision of the standard, but it is important to get involved at this early stage to give the Technical Committee time to consider your input.

Comments are welcome from any party that has been involved in the process of implementing the Standard or is planning to implement the Standard, including companies, social and environmental actors and civil society organisations; certifiers and consultants, as well as government agencies.

If you have any questions about how to get involved, please contact the AWS Technical Manager.