Join the Alliance for Water Stewardship

Access a global network of water stewardship experience

The Alliance for Water Stewardship is a global membership-based collaboration. Our members are drawn from all sectors: leading businesses, non-profits, public sector offices, development agencies, academics, standards systems and sustainability experts.

AWS Members tell us that participation provides them with:
  • Unique knowledge and network building opportunities
  • Access to global expertise in water stewardship
  • First sight of innovations in water stewardship as they emerge
  • Access to AWS tools and guidance as they come on stream
AWS Membership serves as a platform to exchange learning and as a vehicle to advance water-related goals. Through AWS Members connect with and draw upon experience from peers, multi-disciplinary water experts, water-relevant sustainability initiatives and standard systems pursuing compatible objectives. Knowledge acquired through AWS helps Members to refine and improve their water stewardship practices.
AWS Members believe their operations are enhanced through:
  • An improved understanding on water use, risk and mitigating actions
  • Increased awareness of on-site and catchment level dependencies
  • New connections to local and global stakeholders through AWS networks
  • The strengthening of local and global social license to operate
    AWS Members engagement with external stakeholders is strengthened through:
  • Participation in a balanced multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Improved understanding on the varied constituencies impacted by water challenges and responses
  • Advice on strategies for engaging with stakeholders in an open, transparent manner
  • Connections to key individuals and organisations through AWS networks
    AWS Members brand and communications are strengthened through:
  • Demonstrating adherence to a multi-stakeholder endorsed definition of good water stewardship
  • Advice on internal and external communications on water stewardship, strategy and sustainability
  • Access to AWS branding for use on owned media, at business sites and on site-certified products
  • Support for outreach via events, marketing and public relations
Members of AWS own and shape the system. As the only stewardship initiative giving equal membership to all sectors we ensure that the diverse constituencies impacted by water-related challenges and responses are equally represented. The transparent, multi-stakeholder nature of AWS governance gives us a strong, credible voice.
Members evolve the Alliance for Water Stewardship through:
  • Consultations on the strategic development of the organisation
  • Multi-stakeholder collaborations over the evolution of the AWS Standard and System
  • Being elected to and voting on nominations to the AWS Board or Technical Committee
  • Voting in the AWS AGM, participating in the AWS Forum and in Member working groups
    Members provide strength to the AWS System through:
  • Access to networks and new collaborators
  • Insights from practice that enrich the stewardship knowledge base
  • The credibility of voice that comes from multi-stakeholder governance
  • Funding from fees and in-kind support
Membership is open to any organisation, from any sector that shares our aims. Membership rates are decided by members through multi-stakeholder decision making. All fees raised are directed toward operational costs . Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st.
See our current list of members.

Application for Membership of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS SCIO)

  • AWS Funding Members are organisations which we publicly recognise and thank for their commitment of additional resource to help further the development of the Alliance for Water Stewardship. To become a 2018 AWS Funding Member organisations must pledge as a minimum the amounts shown below. Pledges above the minimum are also welcomed. Public sector agency AWS Funding Member status is by arrangement, dependent upon the nature and scope of the organisation. Please select the Funding Member category for which you wish to apply from list below.
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