Become a member

AWS Membership is open to legally registered organizations that are committed to the principles of water stewardship and to promoting the water stewardship system. Joining AWS will provide the opportunity to

  • Promote your organization’s support for responsible use of freshwater
  • Help to shape the technical development of the AWS system, including the AWS Standard, verification system and accreditation program.
  • Participate in shaping AWS governance and organizational structures
  • Build partnerships with other leading organizations
  • AWS Members are recognized as belonging to three categories: private sector, public sector and civil society groups.

See our current list of members.

“We had been struggling for years to address the issue of unit level water security which we knew was not possible without accounting for the interests of other stakeholders. AWS provided the framework and guidance to help us understand the issues involved and also develop our approach which has led to several projects being implemented across India” :- Sanjib Bezbaroa, Executive Vice President, Corporate EHS, ITC
“Highlands and Islands Enterprise became a member of AWS because resource efficiency has gone to the top of the agenda in Scotland. As a nation we have a lot of water, but we recognize that as a global citizen, we must not be complacent in our stewardship of this critically important resource. The AWS framework and guidance will help us in working with partners and companies to better understand the issues and, in turn, help tease out the opportunities for innovation”. :- Diane Duncan, Head of Low Carbon and Clean Tech, Highlands and Islands Enterprise
“CARE USA became a member of the AWS as it is an innovative platform convening a much needed spectrum of stakeholders to promote a more responsible use of our world's limited freshwater resources” :- Kemi Seesink, Director of Development, Strategic Partnerships, CARE USA

Application for Membership of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS SCIO)