AWS was instrumental in the establishment of the India Water Stewardship Network (IWSN) in 2016. The IWSN brings together organizations from different sectors with the purpose of promoting a clearer understanding and uptake of water stewardship in the Indian context, while demonstrating implementable projects. The IWSN has agreed to use AWS Standard, as a baseline for developing this water stewardship definition and framework.

AWS plays a coordinating role for the IWSN which at this stage remains voluntary. Currently, the following organizations are members of the IWSN.

Current IWSN members are

Click here to view the terms of reference for the IWSN.

AWS founding partners Hindustan Unilever Foundation has led three projects to test the AWS Standard in different community contexts in India. Reports of these projects can be downloaded using the links below:
Rajasthan: Community as Local Water Stewards – AWS, HUF and FES
Karnataka: Community stewardship project by AWS, HUF and SAMUHA
Gujarat: Implementation of Beta AWS Standard with communities in Gujarat