Regional Partners

Water use is primarily a local issue with local impacts, and the AWS Standard aims to deliver genuine benefits for local stakeholders. To achieve this, we are building a network of local or regional partners who engage local stakeholders and establish localized networks, expertise and data sets. The work of regional partners helps to facilitate contextually-appropriate water stewardship actions within the globally-consistent framework of the AWS Standard.  Local partners play a key role in raising awareness, building water stewardship capacity, and supporting uptake of the AWS Standard.

Recognizing that there are also global drivers behind local water use, our local partners to establish the “local-to-global” learning pathways that are a critical part of the AWS approach. Information and knowledge from implementing the AWS Standard provides the fuel for global processes and strategy setting. AWS regional coordinators support the local-to-global approach as part of our international secretariat.


Water Stewardship Australia (WSA) represents AWS in the Asia Pacific Region. WSA was a founding member of AWS in 2008.

The Water Council represents AWS in North America. The Water Council has been at the forefront of AWS efforts in the region for many years, including hosting a regional coordinator during the Water Roundtable Process.

Strategic Partners

GIZ’s International Water Stewardship Programme (IWaSP) is an international water security programme which combines global best practices in water stewardship with local know-how. AWS and IWaSP have been partnering since 2014 to advance water stewardship in Africa. Funding for IWaSP comes from Department for International Development (DFID) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) supports a project “Water Stewardship: Promoting sustainability and competitiveness in Peruvian asparagus value chains”. Using the AWS Standard, this project connects Peruvian growers, Europe-based traders and retailers, and influential Peruvian stakeholders through a “local, global, institutional” approach. This project also supports the technical and governance development of AWS.

German retailer Edeka, WWF-Germany and AWS have a Memorandum of Cooperation that establishes a framework for cooperation and coordination between the Parties based on a shared commitment to advancing water stewardship. The initial work taking place within the scope of this agreement is an on-going project to apply the AWS Standard in high risk Edeka supply clusters.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) partners with Water Stewardship Australia to identify water ‘hot-spots’ in supply chains of Australian companies, and to build local partnerships to address water challenges using a multi-stakeholder water stewardship approach. This project also supports the technical development of AWS at an international level.

WWF-International and AWS have signed an MoU covering technical and strategic cooperation in relation to water stewardship. This MoU also forms the basis for bi-lateral agreements between AWS and other organizations within the WWF network.

In 2016 the Turner Foundation provided US$60,000 to support the development of the AWS Standard system.

Founding Partners

Founding Partners are those who played a significant role in the development of the AWS Standard.

Our Founding Partners are American Standard, CDP, Centre for Responsible Business, Centro del Agua para America Latina y el Caribe, Ecolab, European Water Partnership, Fundacion Chile, Fundacion FEMSA, Future500, General Mills, The Gold Standard Foundation, Hindustan Unilever Foundation, Inghams Enterprises, Marks & Spencer, Murray Darling Basin Authority, Nestle, Pacific Institute, Sealed Air, United Nations Environment Programme, the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate, The Nature Conservancy, The Water Council, Veolia, Water Environment Federation, Water Footprint Network, Water Stewardship Australia, Water Witness International, WaterAid and WWF.