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Dive deeper into water stewardship and the AWS Standard 2.0

As part of our drive to achieve our mission, we offer a range of training to individuals and organizations interested in water stewardship.

Our training content is based on the collective experience of AWS staff, AWS Members and users of the AWS Standard around the world, and it is regularly updated to ensure it remains at the leading edge of water stewardship.

New! Online Learning Modules

Our Online Learning Modules are designed to supplement the formal AWS Standard System Training.

Modules typically include three short films, with interactive elements to reinforce your learning. At the end of each module there is a short test, and on completion of the test you will receive a certificate.

Module topics:

  1. Understanding Group and Multi-Site Certification – Launched July 2020.
  2. AWS and ISO Compatibility – Launched August 2020.
  3. Effective Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement – Launched September 2020.
  4. Understanding and Defining Catchments – Launched October 2020.
  5. Measuring Water Stewardship Performance – Launched February 2021.
  6. Understanding Important Water Related Areas – Launched April 2021.
  7. Understanding and Measuring Indirect Water Use – Launched May 2021.
  8. Understanding Water Balance – Launched August 2021.

These tools have been produced through our partnership with the team at Apple to whom we extend our thanks, and the thanks of the AWS Membership.

All staff from AWS Member organizations receive unlimited access to Online Learning Modules

To claim your free access, you will require your organization’s unique code by contacting the Lead Contact for your AWS Membership. If you need help accessing the modules, please contact us.

Non-Members are welcome to purchase access to Online Learning Modules on a per user, per module basis. However, it may be more cost-effective to access these via your organization joining AWS as a Member, as this will allow all staff within your organization to gain unlimited access to AWS Tools and Learning Modules.

Find out more about Membership.

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