Advanced Training in the AWS Standard: March 29, Milwaukee, WI, USA

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Advanced Training in the AWS Standard: March 29, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Date: March 28

Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

Download the Advanced Training 2017 Flyer for more details

Applying a framework for addressing water related risks at sites and within supply chains

An AWS accredited training program for sustainability and water management professionals & specialist service providers

This is a one-day course for people who will be implementing water management and stewardship practices in their operations or people providing related consulting, auditing or training services. This course takes an in-depth look at the six steps involved in water stewardship by working through one or more case studies and examining how the Standard could or would be applied at a site based on relevant business and water-related opportunities and challenges. A regionally-specific case study and other relevant North American examples will drive home the importance of business action on enhanced water management and stewardship. “Advanced Training in the AWS Standard” is the second level of a modular program for users of the AWS water stewardship system.

Program Objectives

Advanced Training in the AWS Standard will enable participants to:

  • Achieve a deeper knowledge of the Standard’s criteria and indicators and how they are applied at a site, within supply chains and at the watershed level;
  • Build confidence in working with the Standard through experience with the application of criteria and indicators and group exercises to raise and resolve questions and ambiguities; and
  • Deepen understanding about the relationship between water stewardship and other water initiatives, particularly integrated water resources management, that are used at a site and watershed level.

Who Should Attend?

  • Personnel employed at water using sites looking to apply the AWS Standard;
  • People interested in providing specialist services to water using sites as accredited auditors, consultants or trainers;
  • Staff from water and natural resources management agencies interested in working with sites to implement good water stewardship; and
  • People managing sustainable supply chains interested in working with their suppliers to manage water issues and risks.

Program Format

This is an all-day program for up to 35 participants using online material and other documents emailed to participants. Participants will be expected to contribute to small group discussions as the class works through each of the six steps of the AWS Standard. At the conclusion of the course, participants demonstrating proficiency in the material will be awarded a certificate of completion of the Advanced Training.


The course works through the six steps of the AWS Standard, examining the requirements as set out in the criteria and indictors and then applying those criteria and indictors to a case study. The course also briefly reviews key content from the Foundation Training and examines the relationship between Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and water stewardship.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in Advanced Training in the AWS Standard participants will deepen their understanding of: – How the AWS Standard can be applied in different contexts; – The criteria, indicators and intent of each step of the AWS Standard; – How to navigate the guidance material associated with the AWS Standard; and – The relationship between the AWS Standard and other water management and sustainability initiatives.


Participants will also need to have completed the AWS Foundation Training Program before undertaking this course.

Accreditation and Intellectual Property

This program is based on implementation of the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard, a standard owned by the international Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). This course is accredited and recognised by AWS as meeting the Level 2 requirements for professionals seeking accreditation as an AWS accredited auditor, consultant or trainer.

Cost and Registration

Cost per participant will be $450.00. This includes course material, lunch and refreshments. Travel or accommodation costs are not included. Reductions are available for non-profit organizations and for individuals attending the first day of training (Foundations of Water Stewardship). See registration site for additional pricing information.

Register online

Contact AWS North America for more information:
(414) 988-8749

Venue and Logistics

Global Water Center
1 st Floor Auditorium
247 W. Freshwater Way
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Free onsite parking is available.