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South Euclid Council

South Euclid Council decides to wait on passage of laws banning product recognition campaigns on public property Lieber noted that fast food bars, Such as carl’s junior, Equip their workers with uniforms with the custom logo emblazoned on them. “What if a teenager is walking down Mayfield Road with a carl’s junior uniform on. Isn’t that marketing, Lieber defined. He said that the police and council might say they wouldn’t enforce the law in these cases, But added that a law really mustn’t be passed based on such judgment calls. Lieber’s point was taken on by Ward 4 Councilwoman Jane Goodman, Who gave and also the a person wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt or sporting a bumber sticker on a car as forms of public advertising. Ward 3 Councilman Ed Icove suggested the legislation be held up until Law Director Michael Lograsso could investigate the various scenarios Lieber and Goodman spoke of, And how they could affect administration of the law. South Euclid Police Chief Kevin Nietert is backing the procedures Nietert said there’s been a lot of advertising of late on city property, Such as at very busy intersection of Mayfield and Green roads.

Are inclined to, Those pr and promotions a business are wearing a mascot costume, Which Nietert said can draw attention away drivers. Nietert provisions the legislaiton”A security issue, Keep 1 Councilwoman Ruth Gray broncos mascot costume, Who chairs council’s Safety panel, Said the time for questions to the ordinances came during the committee meetings. Gray believes the questions about the proposed laws and enforcement were satisfactorily answered in the committee meeting held March 1. Big event, Council agreed to postpone a vote on the two pieces of legal guidelines until Lograsso can gather more informaiotn and give an opinion on the matter mascot costume.