ICT Reports

Report series on water stewardship in the ICT sector

I. Water Stewardship Briefing Note 

This short briefing note provides an overview of the risks facing the ICT and microelectronics sector and explains why water stewardship can help. It also provides information on how AWS can help support companies on their water stewardship journey and ways to get involved.

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II. Water Risk in the ICT Sector


In collaboration with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and WWF, our first report in the series published on World Water Day 2021, ‘Water Risk in the ICT Sector: The Case for Action’, highlights the risk water poses to business continuity and supply chain resilience in the ICT sector.

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III. Water Strategy in the ICT Sector 

‘Water Strategy in the ICT Sector: Steps to Start your Water Stewardship Journey’, published to coincide with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) annual conference (October 18-19 2022), explores what ICT companies can do to address water-related risks and build resiliency.

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