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Find out how your organisation can benefit from joining AWS as a member and how to apply. Start your water stewardship journey here.

What is AWS Membership?

AWS is a global membership collaboration of businesses, NGOs and the public sector.  AWS members contribute to the sustainability of local water-resources through adoption of the AWS Standard.

Members play a pivotal role in growing and strengthening the stewardship community of practice by implementing, developing shareable learning and advocating the need for a common, independently verifiable, multi-stakeholder inclusive Standard for water stewardship.

Who is involved?

Our Members include:

  • businesses facing water risks relating to operations
  • supply chains, local stakeholders and end of line consumers
  • public sector organisations working in water-relevant policy
  • investors and financial service providers seeking to enhance risk management processes
  • development agencies and NGOs with water-related programmes
  • sustainability service providers who support the implementation or assessment of standards and CSR programmes.

View a full list of AWS members.

Why should my organisation join?

AWS Membership Icons

Be part of a global network

Join the organisations at the forefront of water stewardship and draw upon experience from peers, multi-disciplinary water experts and water-relevant initiatives.

Gain access to valuable AWS-exclusive resources

Strengthen your water stewardship practices by gaining access for all staff to the AWS Tools Hub, home to the E-Standard & Guidance, scores of Webinar recordings, on-demand online learning modules, tools and all latest AWS innovations as they come on-stream.

Enhanced credibility and performance

Strengthen your organisation’s performance on water-related goals and sustainability ambitions, via engagement with AWS, our Membership, partners and wider stakeholders.

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What is the AWS Tools Hub?

The Tools Hub is the home to the AWS E-Standard and E-Guidance, Online Learning Modules and Webinars.

  • The E-Standard and E-Guidance are online user-friendly versions of the AWS Standard V2.0 and its Guidance, formatted for mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Online Learning Modules cover key topics common to all applications of the Standard, from Understanding and Defining Catchments, to Effective Consultation and Engagement.
  • AWS host a series of regular Webinars, sharing learning from particular geographies and sectors, best practice guides to water-stewardship-related themes and explaining aspects of the AWS System. Many of these are exclusive to AWS members. You can attend the events in real time or access the recordings at your leisure via the Tools Hub.

Access to the Tools Hub

Anyone can access the Tools Hub by simply heading to and creating an account.

As an AWS Member, you can use your unique member coupon code for free, unlimited access. If you don’t know your coupon code, you can find this out from your lead AWS representative, or by contacting us.

If you’re not yet a member, these resources are also available to purchase ‘à la carte’ via the Tools Hub Products tab on an individual user, per product basis, however it may be more cost-effective for you to consider joining as an AWS member should more that one individual from your organisation wish to join.

What influence do I have as an AWS Member?

Members of AWS own and shape the system. As the only water stewardship initiative encompassing members from civil society, the public sector and the private sector we ensure that the diverse constituencies impacted by water-related challenges and responses are represented. Members evolve the Alliance for Water Stewardship through:

  1. Consultations on the strategic development of the organisation
  2. Multi-stakeholder collaborations over the evolution of the AWS Standard and System
  3. Being elected to and voting on nominations to the AWS Board or Technical Committee
  4. Voting in the AWS AGM, participating in the AWS Forum and in Member working group

Why is being a member organisation important?

Our members tell us that it is the multi-stakeholder nature of our system that provides them with the confidence that they are following the correct path. The different constituencies of AWS – private sector, NGO, public sector and academics – continually challenge each other, and the system, to respond to water-related issues in a way that is transparent, equitable, sustainable and effective.

The ultimate strength of the AWS System lies in the diversity of experience that the members bring to it, and from the group sharing of hard-won, locally acquired knowledge on how stewardship can tackle water-related challenges. It is this shared insight, born from the multi-stakeholder nature of AWS governance that gives us, and our members a strong, credible voice on water use and stewardship.