Apply for AWS Membership

AWS Membership is open to any organization, from any sector that shares our aim of the responsible use of freshwater. Membership runs annually from January 1st to December 31st. Application to join AWS as a member is made by completing the form below.

Fees for membership of AWS are designed to be responsive to the ability to pay, reflective of the benefits accrued and reasonable relative to fees of other membership bodies. Membership rates are decided by members through multi-stakeholder decision making at the preceding years AGM.

All fee structures are completely transparent to reflect the principle that as a multi-stakeholder organisation no individual member or sector will have a greater or lesser say in our governance due to the size of their financial contribution. If you have any questions about membership, please get in touch 

Application for Membership of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS SCIO)

  • AWS Funding Members are organisations which we publicly recognise and thank for their commitment of additional resource to help further the development of the Alliance for Water Stewardship. To become a 2019 AWS Funding Member organisations must pledge as a minimum the amounts shown below. Pledges above the minimum are also welcomed. Public sector agency AWS Funding Member status is by arrangement, dependent upon the nature and scope of the organisation. Please select the Funding Member category for which you wish to apply from list below.
  • Please select the AWS Member category for which you wish to apply from list below.