AWS Global Training Programme

Training and advice are how we equip organisations to engage in water stewardship. AWS training can be customised to suit your organisation’s interests, or you can join one of our upcoming training courses to meet other like-minded professionals in your region.

As part of the AWS Global Training Programme, we offer AWS Standard System Training. This short course is offered in two ways – as open public training courses for individuals, and/or as tailored training courses exclusive to your organisation. In addition, on-demand training is available through the AWS Tools Hub*.

To view and register for one of our upcoming open public training courses, visit our AWS Standard System Training page.

To enquire about AWS Standard System Training exclusive to your organisation, please contact us.

* The AWS Tools Hub offers Online Learning Modules and a growing range of tools such as the AWS E-Standard and Guidance and the AWS Audit Ready Tool. Access to the platform is free to AWS Members and is available to buy on an ‘a la carte’ payment basis for non-members.