Training and advice are how we equip organisations to engage in water stewardship. AWS training can be customised to suit your organisation’s interests or you can join one of our upcoming training courses to meet other likeminded professionals in your region.

Key benefits of AWS Training

Whether you are a major water user, a regulatory body, a natural resource manager or a civil society group AWS training can give you what you need to advocate for and implement responsible water stewardship. AWS and our Accredited Training Partners offer a structured three-day training program on water stewardship and the AWS Standard via our AWS Standard System Training.

Our trainees tell us that attending an AWS training session has given them:

  • Access to the latest knowledge on water stewardship
  • Practical experience in using the AWS Standard
  • The knowledge required to assess and tackle water risks
  • The ability to promote water stewardship to a variety of internal and external stakeholders
  • Relationship building opportunities with AWS staff and other local water stewards

There are different types of training that you may choose to follow depending on your individual skills and experience, your organisation’s level of interest in water stewardship and your intended interaction with the AWS System.

Recent trainees said:

“The AWS Standard will become even more key to solve shared water challenges in the future – driving cooperation and guiding individual businesses to do the right things right. AWS training should become mandatory for all CSR and Environment Managers at FMCG companies!”

“Excellent training. Hands on, interactive, and collaborative. I can highly recommend it.”

The three main types of training that we offer are:

  • Up to three days of training for water stewardship advocates, AWS Implementers and Accredited Service Providers (find out more about our AWS Standard System Training)
  • Online learning modules for those new to water stewardship or seeking to improve their understanding of the AWS Standard
  • A range of continuing education modules (available in 2020) for those in our Professional Credentialing Program (find out more about AWS Professional Credentialing here)

AWS offers individuals who have undergone the formal AWS Standard System Training the opportunity to join the AWS Professional Credentialing Program.  This means that trained individuals can make specific claims about their level of expertise and training on water stewardship and their knowledge of applying the AWS Standard.

If you cannot find the type of training you’re looking for, or would like to discuss a specific training need, please get in touch.