Alliance for Water Stewardship / COVID-19 UPDATE

AWS is taking the following measures in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak:


AWS is now allowing off-site certification to occur where certain conditions are met. Please refer to the following interim policy documents for guidance:

Interim Certification Policies

This will allow us to continue to serve our Members and others implementing the Standard while remaining consistent with the current AWS Certification Requirements.

We are continuously monitoring and reviewing the situation and will keep you updated with the latest developments.

If you are an existing AWS certified site you should contact your certification body to discuss further, or contact us.


Due to the travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19, AWS Standard System Training and Tailored Training is being delivered online.

To find out about upcoming trainings, visit our AWS Standard System training page.

In these challenging times, the importance of our global community of water stewards has never been greater.

AWS Community

We know that many of our members, large and small, are contributing to the essential needs of the communities who are battling COVID-19.

Leadership shown by members of the AWS community may contribute to positive change coming out of this crisis. We all hope that our future is one in which the world cares for water for the benefit of all.

AWS would like to recognise and leverage contributions made by the water stewardship community. If you have any learnings or initiatives that you feel we can help amplify or contribute to, or if you are seeking help in your activities through collaboration with other members, please contact: Scott McCready, AWS Chief Strategy Officer,