AWS Certification Requirements V3.1

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AWS Certification Requirements

AWS Certification Requirements V3.1

AWS Standard certification demonstrates that a site has successfully completed each of the steps in the AWS Standard.

AWS made minor improvements to its Certification Requirements in October 2023 to produce V3.1. Previously, AWS updated its Certification Requirements in March 2023 to strengthen system integrity, improve language consistency and clarity, and reduce repetition to produce V3.0.

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Core, Gold and Platinum

There are three levels of AWS Standard certification that a site may achieve: Core, Gold and Platinum. All core criteria must be met as a minimum requirement for certification. Additional points are awarded for performance against the Advanced Indicators. The greater the number of points achieved the higher the level of water stewardship performance and AWS certification.

Advanced Indicators and higher-level certification were introduced to recognise that good water stewards seek continual improvement and commit to ongoing action to respond to the ever-evolving nature of local water context. Gold and Platinum status recognises sites that push their water stewardship performance to higher levels.

The advanced points required for each certification level are:

AWS Core: 0 – 39 points

AWS Gold: 40 – 79 points

AWS Platinum: 80 or more points

A site’s certificate is valid for three years, subject to successful annual surveillance audits.


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