Certification against the AWS Standard is a mark of having met the global benchmark for responsible water stewardship.

Why get certified?

Independent assessment and certification confirms you are addressing the AWS Standard and through annual surveillance lets you keep on top of those challenges over time.

Implementing the AWS Standard alone will help you as a water user, but independent certification will keep you on course with your water stewardship. This can benefit your business.

Retailers, consumers, agencies, NGO’s and civil society organizations all want to know that major water users are being responsible with their water. As they are part of the multi stakeholder consensus that agrees the AWS Standard, confirmation of your compliance sends a strong message of your commitment to responsible water stewardship.

6 Steps to certification

AWS certificates are issued by independent conformity assessment bodies (CABs) who have achieved AWS interim accreditation. Only CABs with AWS interim accreditation are authorized to issue AWS certificates. Your route to certification has six key steps:

  1. Download the AWS Standard and familiarize yourself with the intent, the criteria and the indicators
  2. Download, complete and submit the site registration form
  3. Implement the AWS Standard
  4. Get in touch with an AWS accredited CAB to discuss process, requirements and give you an estimate of time and cost of certification. An optional pre-assessment may help to understand what still needs to be done to achieve the standard
  5. Get your site(s) audited
  6. Get your site’s AWS certification: if you conform with the AWS criteria your site’s certificate will be valid for three years, subject to successful surveillance audits.

Certification: Core, Gold and Platinum

These are the three levels of certification that a site can achieve. Points are allocated to advance level criteria in the standard.

This table gives the thresholds for the three certification levels against the AWS Standard.

Point Total AWS Certification Level
0 to 39 AWS Core Certified
40 to 79 AWS Gold Certified
80 or greater AWS Platinum Certified

Register your site now to start your water stewardship journey:

This form is intended for the use of applicants for certification to the AWS standard to register with AWS prior to Self Assessment or prior to engaging an AWS Accredited Conformity Assessment Body to commence the Certification process.
  • Please include parent company name. e.g. Néstle, Ecolab
  • Please include a 6 figure grid reference for the site. This is so we can include it in a map of registered sites. It is not essential. The site office address will usually do.
  • 2. SITE APPLYING FOR AWS CERTIFICATION NOTE: Please fill out a separate form for each site you wish to apply for.