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Our three-day, face-to-face training programme is central to the AWS System, and depending on your intended interaction with AWS, you can choose to attend one, two or three days of this programme.


Successful completion of all three days of training is a requirement for all AWS Accredited Service Providers and we strongly recommend that businesses or sites considering implementing the AWS Standard attend training.

This training programme is regularly updated, ensuring it remains at the leading edge of water stewardship worldwide. It is offered by AWS staff around the world and can also be delivered by AWS Accredited Training Organisations. You can find out more about AWS Accreditation here.

Whilst the three days of training can be customised to meet an organisation’s specific needs, the general structure and format is as follows:

Day 1: Foundations of Water Stewardship

The first day of training is aimed at those new to water stewardship who are seeking an introduction to the concept of water stewardship and an awareness of the AWS Standard. Through this course, participants will gain a foundation-level knowledge of water stewardship and water risk, the AWS Standard and tools that support ongoing water stewardship activity. Day 1 will be of interest to those wishing to implement the AWS Standard and promote water stewardship.

Day 2: Advanced Training in the AWS Standard

Advanced training will provide a more in-depth understanding of the AWS Standard V2.0. The training will use a specifically developed case study. Participants will achieve a deeper knowledge of the AWS Standard’s criteria and indicators and how they are applied at a site, within the context of a catchment and in supply chains. This training is targeted at organisational representatives who will be closely involved in the implementation of the AWS Standard, as well as specialist service providers aiming to achieve their AWS credentials.

Day 3: Specialist Training in the AWS Standard

Specialist training will enable participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the AWS assurance program, accreditation and certification requirements, and other elements of the AWS System. The course is aimed at trainers, consultants and auditors seeking AWS credentials, and will also benefit implementers by providing a full understanding the auditing procedures and certification requirements.

This training can be tailored to meet your organisation’s needs through the provision of a personalised training event. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Participants from recent AWS Standard System courses said:

“Step 1 of the AWS Standard, on ‘Gather and Understand’ provides THE definitive guide to comprehending the factors which affect your ability to continue to access water of sufficient quantity and quality for your operations and your supplies.”

“Everybody involved in agricultural development should follow this training.”

“AWS is more than a standard organisation, it is a network of stakeholders collaborating on water stewardship. The training helped me getting acquainted with the Standard and my peers alike.”

Upcoming AWS Standard System Training in 2020


AWS North America: 4-6 August 2020. For further information please see here


Alliance for Water Stewardship Asia-Pacific – Dates: 11-27 August 2020

  • Language: English
  • Foundation, Advanced and Specialist levels
  • Further details are available here.


AWS India is offering the three-level training course (foundation/advanced and specialist) starting from 17 August, 2020. The training, in groups of up to maximum 12 people, will be in multiple online sessions (three hours per session) over a two-week period.  To register please use this form: Registration form_AWS Online Training  More details are here AWS Online Training August 2020-advertisement


Water2050 – Dates: Mid-August   (European timezone) Water2050 are offering an AWS three-day training course (foundation/advanced and specialist) starting w/c 14th July. The training, in groups of up to eight people, will be in multiple sessions (three hours per session) over a three-week period.

Register your interest


SGS Training Academy:  22 to 24 September 2020


AWS North America – 20th – 22nd October: Atlanta, GA., USA.

Foundation, Advanced and Specialist training run by AWS North America. Further details are available here.

If you are unable to find a training event to suit your needs, or you are an existing Accredited Training Provider and wish to host your own AWS training events, please use this form to contact Mona Karraoui, our Training and Accreditation Manager.