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Priority Sectors

Priority Sectors

We are focussing our efforts on four priority business sectors, as outlined in the AWS Strategy 2022-2030, to deepen their engagement with water stewardship.

These sectors were chosen due to:

  • Their impact on global water resources, through operations and supply chains
  • Their readiness to engage with AWS water stewardship

Our four priority business sectors are:

We believe these four priority business sectors have significant influence to help drive a shift from site to catchment-based action, and to use their leadership to support a diverse set of corporate and public policy goals.

Driving water stewardship globally

Our work within these sectors follows an overarching approach of global engagement with multinational companies and their stakeholders. This is coupled with context-driven national action with brands, producers, and suppliers feeding international supply chains, as well as other local stakeholders from both the public sector and civil society.

This engagement comes to life through global working groups and national platforms, designed to identify the barriers to the adoption of the AWS Standard and, through collaboration, to create solutions enabling implementers to overcome those barriers.


Central to our work are partnerships with sector leaders on sustainability. Together, we raise awareness of water risk amongst their sector peers and seek to engage more businesses in AWS by demonstrating the benefits it creates for companies, their supply chain, and for the communities they operate in.

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