Get trained

AWS offers training to organizations and individuals interested in understanding water stewardship, implementing the AWS Standard or working within the AWS system, including consultants, trainers and auditors. Our aim is to enable organizations from all sectors to access the knowledge they need to advocate for and implement water stewardship.

Key benefits of AWS training

  • Access the latest knowledge
  • Developed by leading organizations like The Nature Conservancy, SGS, WWF, Water Stewardship Australia, AWS training is at the leading edge of water stewardship thinking worldwide.
  • Learn from practical experience
  • We utilize experience implementing the AWS Standard, helping translate learning into tangible improvements in water use.
  • Understand your local context
  • Our network of regional partners will ensure courses respond to local needs.
  • Get the knowledge you need
  • A modular approach ensures there is the right course for you, regardless of where you are on your stewardship journey.
  • Get on track for the AWS standard

Our step-wise approach helps you along your stewardship journey, making the AWS Standard more accessible.

Rooted in experience of implementing the AWS Standard, participants will benefit from real-world experiences of water stewardship on the ground.

Courses will be offered step-wise, from introductory to advanced, with modules on specific topics according to demand.

AWS training will also be delivered via partners and accredited trainers at a regional level. Modules will be customized to meet local needs, and, where possible, integrated into other training programs.

As part of the premier organization on water stewardship, AWS training will be regularly updated, ensuring it remains at the leading edge of water stewardship worldwide

Whether you are a major water user, a regulatory body, a natural resource manager or a civil society group; AWS’s training can give you what you need to advocate for and implement responsible water stewardship.

Our next scheduled trainings are:

19-21 April in Johannesburg
23-25 May in Cape Town
2-4 May in Melbourne
20-22 June in Durban
Dates TBC August in Bangkok

Please contact the AWS Representative in the relevant region for bookings and further information.