Our Board members (Trustees) are elected by our members and have overall responsibility for managing the organisation between AGMs, and a duty of care towards it.

The Board is responsible for:

  • Developing and approving the AWS strategic plan, in conjunction with the CEO
  • Financial oversight of the organisation and ensuring that AWS is able to meet its financial obligations
  • Ensuring management identifies the principal financial and non-financial risks of the organisation, and implements appropriate systems and programs to manage these risks
  • Developing policies and procedures related to good governance
  • Appointing, setting the remuneration and monitoring the performance of the CEO
  • General oversight to ensure the organisation is managed in a prudent and responsible manner in line with its fiduciary responsibilities, values and principles of good governance

The AWS Board is a skills-based board of up to eleven trustees who collectively have the skills, knowledge and experience to effectively govern and direct the organization. Trustees do not represent either their employer’s or sector’s interest, rather they are required to further the interests of AWS SCIO.

This structure was adopted on the incorporation of AWS SCIO to ensure access to the diverse skill-set needed to support organizational management and development. Separation of stakeholder interests from day-to-day management of the organization is guided by lessons learned from peer organizations and the advice of highly experienced experts.

The AWS Technical Committee is the primary body responsible for providing balanced stakeholder oversight of matters relating to the integrity and quality control of the water stewardship system on behalf of members.

Our current Board Members are:


Alexis Morgan


Vanh Mixap

Vice Chair

Michael Alexander


Emma Carmody


Carlo Galli


Rochi Khemka


James Dalton


Naomi Rosenthal


Elaine Shelford Mead


Ursula Antúnez De Mayolo Corzo