Technical Committee

Function of the Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is the primary body responsible for providing balanced stakeholder oversight of matters relating to the integrity and quality control of the water stewardship system on behalf of members.

It is responsible for reviewing and approving changes to AWS Standard, assurance processes, policies for trademark use by third parties as well as guidance material and policy documents.

The committee is also the primary body responsible for resolution of disputes within the water stewardship system.

The Committee is intended to reflect the broadest diversity possible of AWS members, and if possible should be comprised of a minimum seven members balanced between each stakeholder group (public sector, private sector and civil society).

While there are no specific requirements set in terms of gender and regional origin these matters will be considered by the Board Nominations Committee in recommending members for election at the Annual Members’ Meeting.

Members of the Technical Committee serve for a term of three years with half retiring at each Annual Members’ Meeting.

The Technical Committee Terms of Reference give further information on their role and responsibilities.

Technical Committee Members

Anthony Slatyer (Public Sector), Brad Moggridge (Civil Society), Jeremy Dufour (Private Sector), John Etgen (Civil Society), Laura Kowalski (Private Sector), Mickael Clement (Private Sector), Oliver Maennicke (Private Sector), Faith Lawrence (Public Sector), Sharon Pfleger (Public Sector), Walter Chinangwa (Civil Society),  and Sophie Ngoyen Khoa Man (Civil Society).