AWS Global Network

AWS is a global membership collaboration comprising businesses, NGOs and the public sector. Our global structure enables us to act with local knowledge and expertise within a system that is guided and supported by our combined international experience. The AWS International Secretariat acts as the custodian of the AWS Standard and its related systems. Around the world, we have a number of Regional Partners and Local Coordinators who use the Standard to drive and implement water stewardship action on the ground. The Secretariat, Regional Partners and Local Coordinators all work together to promote and build use of the AWS Standard globally.

The AWS International Secretariat

AWS International is based in Scotland and governed by an international Board of Trustees comprised of AWS members. AWS International’s (AWS SCIO) governance arrangements are set out in the constitution of AWS SCIO. AWS International has responsibility for the overall governance and management of the AWS Standard System, and works closely with our Regional Partners, Members, Accredited Service Providers and other stakeholders to further develop the AWS Standard System and work within the global water stewardship community. The AWS International team is:


Adrian Sym

Chief Executive Officer

Christine Carey

Head of Knowledge and Learning

Ed Pinero

Head of Standards and Assurance

Mona Karraoui

Training and Accreditation Manager

Scott McCready

Director of Outreach and Engagement

Sarah Wade

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator


We have worked with AWS member Water Witness International to set up AWS Africa, to work alongside our existing regional coordinator for South Africa, Mark Dent. The AWS team covering Africa is:


Mark Dent

Manager, South Africa

Doreen Chanje

Director, Water Stewardship, Malawi

Walter Chinangwa

International Programme Officer, Malawi

Francis Paul

Admin and Finance Officer, Malawi

Asia Pacific

We are represented in Asia Pacific by AWS Asia Pacific (formerly Water Stewardship Australia) who are supported by the Australian Water Partnership. Water Stewardship Australia was a founding member of AWS in 2008 and has acted as the regional partner since then. AWS Asia Pacific covers Australia, Chine, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Vietnam. The AWS Asia Pacific team is:


Megan Mcleod

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Dixon

Finance Officer

Lisa Idris

Project Consultant Australia

Zhenzhen Xu

Director (China)

Sally Ge

Project Officer China

Basja Jantowski

Director (Indonesia)


We have worked closely with the European Water Partnership which operates the European Water Stewardship program. Recognising the need for a coherent global water stewardship system to engage major water users with interests in multiple regions, AWS and EWP have reached an agreement to work together to achieve a single global water stewardship standard system compliant with ISEAL codes of good practice.

Latin America

AWS has worked with a number of partners in countries in Latin America, particularly focused on piloting the AWS Standard in agricultural supply chains. Due to growing demand for increased activity in the region, we hope to have a Regional Partner for Latin America in place by 2020. For more information please contact us.

North America

We are represented in North America by The Water Council, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Water Council has been the host of AWS North America since 2011. AWS North America covers Canada, Mexico and the USA. The AWS North America team is:


Matt Howard

Director, AWS North America

Dylan Waldhuetter

Program Manager


Due to growing interest and demand for water stewardship support and action in Pakistan, we are thrilled to welcome Maheen Malik to the AWS Team. Maheen will work with our local stakeholders in Pakistan to further develop the local AWS Network.


Maheen Malik

Pakistan Coordinator

South Asia

In India, we have a local coordinator, Ashish Bhardwaj, who supports the Indian Water Stewardship Network and works closely with the Secretariat and partners to further develop water stewardship activities in South Asia. For more information, please get in touch.


Ashish Bhardwaj

India Coordinator