International Women’s Day 2021

Alliance for Water Stewardship / International Women’s Day 2021



To mark International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021, we’re sharing stories throughout the week celebrating women who are doing amazing work in water stewardship around the world.

“I was proud to lead the whole journey towards AWS Standard Certification.”

Nazia Mughal (Soorty Enterprises) shares her water stewardship journey in the textiles sector.

Image of Sandra Lima

“We are honored to be part of a group that leads a different and challenging proposal.”

Sandra Lima (Dole Tropical Products) shares her water stewardship journey in the agriculture sector.

We continue to lead and advocate for global water stewardship not only in our manufacturing plants but with our customers, as well.”

Laura Kowalski from AWS founding member Ecolab shares her water stewardship journey.

Laura Kowalski
Image of Emily Chen

“I am so proud of the work we are doing to motivate others to use water responsibly through our Clean Water Program.”

Emily Chen from Apple, an AWS funding member, shares her water stewardship journey in the microelectronics/ ICT sector.

cross key sectors, including agriculture, microelectronics and textiles.

To me, water stewardship means doing our very best in the governance of our finite water resources and making sure there will be a healthy river ecosystem and water for today and tomorrow.”

Rosalie Auricht (Renmark Irrigation Trust) shares her water stewardship journey in South Australia.

Rosalie Auricht