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ICT and Microelectronics

ICT and Microelectronics

Water risks exist throughout ICT supply chains and can look very different in different parts of the world. 

Water risk in the ICT sector varies greatly by location. The risk profile of a data center or a printed circuit board factory can look very different in different parts of the world. Water-related challenges facing this sector span from physical water risks (such as pollution, flooding and scarcity) to reputational and regulatory risks.

ICT supply chains are highly interwoven, with many national and multi-national brands all sourcing from the same suppliers. These suppliers are often clustered together in intensive industrial settings, mostly found within urban areas and cities.

When it comes to sustainability – and particularly water stewardship – there is a need for a shared view of water risk and opportunity in the ICT sector, with a consistent response that can be used throughout the sector, to avoid competing demands and to maximize benefits for all.

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ICT Water Stewardship Working Group

Together with our members and partners, in 2020 we launched a global ICT Water Stewardship Working Group to help brands and their suppliers develop a common understanding of water, and a shared approach to responding through water stewardship.

Activities so far have included a webinar series to raise awareness of the importance of water throughout the ICT sector, and a report setting out the typical risks and opportunities that exist throughout the supply chain.

We will continue to work with the group to identify more opportunities to reduce the barriers to water stewardship in the ICT sector and encourage collaboration in key sourcing hot spots around the world.

> Learn more and Join the ICT Working Group

Any company from the ICT sector interested in learning more about embedding water stewardship across the business is encouraged to get in touch, using the contact form below.

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