First site in North America achieves AWS certification

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First site in North America achieves AWS certification

Nestle Waters US has had its site in Ontario, California certified to the AWS Standard. This is the first site in North America to achieve AWS certification.

Nestle Waters aims to have 20 sites AWS certified globally by 2020.

In achieving certification for Nestle Waters Ontario site the company paid tribute to the AWS Standard as a credible framework for companies who are serious about water stewardship.

“The AWS Standard aligns with our longstanding commitment to sustainable water management and creating shared value in the communities in which we operate,” said Nelson Switzer, Chief Sustainability Officer at Nestlé Waters North America.

“We take our responsibility as a water steward seriously, and understand how important it is to have a rigorous standard with which to measure our water resource management practices and sustainability efforts.  Achieving and maintaining AWS certification will help us continue leading water stewardship practices through efficiency, water resource management and community engagement.”

Welcoming the global commitment to the Alliance for Water Stewardship made by long-standing AWS Member Nestle, Matt Howard, Director for AWS North America commented, “We are excited about what will be the first of many AWS certificates sought by Nestle in North America and beyond. This commitment to water stewardship and the AWS Standard by one of the world’s largest businesses sets an important marker down. First, this commitment says that private sector water stewardship efforts should follow a robust, credible framework. Second, it recognizes that any claims made on achievements in water stewardship by businesses need to be independently verifiable.

“Developed through a four-year multi-stakeholder consultation, the AWS Standard is the only water stewardship framework that meets the stringent guidelines for standards laid down by ISEAL, the global alliance for credible sustainability standard systems,” continued Howard, “With conformity of sites implementing the AWS Standard verified by credible third-party auditors prior to certification, stakeholders can be assured that for every facility that meets the core criteria of the AWS Standard we are collectively moving a step closer to the goal of global, sustainable freshwater use that is socially, environmentally, and economically responsible.”

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