Water Risk in the ICT Sector

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Water Risk in the ICT Sector: The Case For Action

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Water Risk in the ICT Sector: The Case For Action

Our report, published on World Water Day 2021, highlights the risk water poses to business continuity and supply chain resilience in the ICT sector.

The report combines our expertise on water stewardship and the ICT sector together with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and WWF to raise awareness of water impacts and demonstrate the opportunities that can be created through positive action.

Key findings reveal more than 80% of ICT supply chain locations face high to very high levels of basin water risk due to flooding, and 68% face high to very high levels of risk due to water quality, as a result of extreme weather events and climate causes.

Conversely, water scarcity in river basins tends not to be a major challenge for many locations, with only 15% of sites facing medium to high levels of water scarcity risk.

The report sets out practical areas in which businesses within the ICT sector could collaborate to help establish the sector as a water stewardship leader and encourages the adoption and implementation of the AWS Standard.


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